What Shipping Methods Are Available?

All our dolls are shipped by couriers such as EMS,DHL, FedEx or UPS directly to your doorstep. Delivery usually takes 7-14 days, depending on your location.

Do you ship to my country?

We are proud to be able to ship our products worldwide. We’ve been in the business for over 15 years, and we’re very happy to have so many customers from around the world. We do our best to get your order to your door.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?
Your doll will take around 7-14 business days to go from our factory to your door,3 days for manufacturing time.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?
There are different ways you can pay for your orders:
1) PayPal
2) Wire Transfer

1)With PayPal, you can send payment quickly and securely online.
2) Through PayPal, you can pay with credit card, debit card, or bank account balance.
3) Once your order is submitted, you will be redirected to PayPal’s site where you could make the payment.

Is Buying On-Line Safe?

is committed to making your shopping experience safe and secure. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
Technology to encrypt credit card information. This is standard technology on most e-commerce sites.

Orders & Returns

How do I place an Order?

We try to make it as easy as possible! You can order securely online, First you need to create an account with your email address, then you can choose your favorite sex dolls, Click to buy, Then pay for your order, please rest assured, it is very safe to do all this.Privacy Policy

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

If you would like to cancel your order, please login to “My Orders”, select the order you need help with, and request cancellation or change.We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your purchase after receipt, you may request for replacement or refund (within 14 days). We do not accept any panties return.

How Do I Track My Order?
To track your order, please Click “Order Tracking”enter your Order ID in the box below and press the “Track” button. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email you should have received.
How Can I Return a Product?

You can cancel within 24 hours of the purchase. Once the order process has initiated, however, it will not be possible to ask for a refund. A used product is not eligible for refunds due to hygienic concerns.We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your purchase after receipt, you may request for replacement or refund (within 7 days). We do not accept any panties return.Return the item in its original condition, including all its original accessories.


What are silicone sex dolls? offers a variety of sex dolls, in different types of production. The category Premium Silicone Sexdoll offers a production of silicone built on a stable skeleton. With this high-quality production the sex doll offers human details as well as an authentic skin structure. The silicone sex doll offers impressive detail and a realistic feel while satisfying over three approaches. Whether anal, oral or vaginal, there are no limits to your own wishes. A replaceable head and various upgrades make for an individual, but also changeable Sexdoll.

What are TPE sex dolls?
TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) Real Doll offers an alternative to a Sexdoll made of silicone. The production impresses with the quality of the material, which is not only hyperallergenic, but also medically completely harmless. The surface structure of the Sexdoll simulates a human skin, But the product has other benefits as well: Storing the heat for a comfortable feeling Flexibility with the flexible material Touching and touching provide a human feel If you are looking for a sexdoll that has all the advantages of a classic real doll, the TPE material used is a lot Benefits. Due to the lifelike feeling, the Sexdoll leaves nothing to be desired and can be used like all others via three approaches (anal, oral, vaginal). Nevertheless, the versatility remains untouched by upgrades and interchangeable heads.
Which sex dolls do you offer?

The range of lovebubbleuk Shop offers a huge selection of love dolls of different price categories. offers the following Sexdoll categories:

  1. Premium TPE sex dolls
  2. Premium silicone sex dolls
  3. Life size sex dolls
  4. Mini sex dolls
What is TPE and how does it feel?

TPE (Thermoplasatic Elastomer) is a plastic with a very realistic skin feel. Over time, this has become one of the most popular substances for sex dolls. If you are unsure, you can order a sample at the lovebubbleuk Shop. The TPE material of the love doll also provides a wonderful heat storage there. The sex doll quickly absorbs the heat from the environment and thus offers an even more realistic feeling experience. Does my love doll have bones? How flexible is my sex doll? The love doll has a sturdy skeleton of resilient material under its soft-looking skin, which at the same time has little dead weight. The individual “bones” of the love doll are interconnected with a sophisticated joint construction that emulates the human body. The sex doll can take a variety of different positions, so you certainly will not get bored. So the love doll can kneel, lie down, sit and equipped with a standup foot even without any help from others.

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